About Us / VIDEOS

BoxMaster Tools specializes in the production of high quality Negative Rake Scrapers. We are located in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State. At BoxMaster Tools we are committed to producing the finest quality - at an affordable price. 

  • BoxMaster tools have the same high-tech heat treating as D-Way Tools.

  • These tools were specifically designed for box making and other fine detailed work.

  • Negative rake profile makes our tools extremely user friendly - even a beginner can achieve exceptional results.

  • Our double-ended tools provide a convenience and cost savings to our customers.  

We have had the honor of working with Dave Schweitzer of D-Way Tools in the development of our product and launching of our company.  We have benefited immensely from his tutelage and guidance, and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his friendship, support, and mentor-ship.

BOXMASTER TOOLS can now be purchased on our D-Way Tools website: 





  • Sharpening and using your Boxmaster Tools negative rake scraper.    (37 minute video, with topical chapters.)


  • Within the video Jimmie Allen is using a set-up gauge and wooden platforms designed for use with the One-Way Sharpening platform. For questions regarding availability, please email us at Jimmie@boxmastertools.com