Negative Rake Scrapers


The Boxmaster Tool line features hand crafted double-ended Negative Rake Scrapers. The entire length of the tool is hardened and available for use.  The two complimenting ends provide added convenience, and the value of two tools in one. All tools fit within the D-Way handles and are made with the same processes and unsurpassed quality. 

These tools were specifically designed for box making and other fine detail work.  This line contains a wide variety of profiles and scrapers in sizes that will support any project. The negative rake profile and tool geometry makes these tools extremely user friendly - even a beginner can achieve exceptional results. Our tools are shipped sharp and ready to use out of the package.

Boxmaster Tool line has received glowing reviews from unbiased testing in More Woodturning online magazine and Woodturning Magazine. They rated a 10 out of 10. Reviews are now located on D-Way Tools site:

They can now be found on the D-Way Tools site under the following links: (double-ended tools); (all other Negative Rake Scrapers, check out the new profiles and sizes )

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